Thursday, 16 February 2017

Fat Jerk

The Fat Jerk is under testing at the moment but it looks the part and I'm confident that its a winner with a medium sinking 4 secs per foot darting action, watch this space.

Big Dipper

The Big Dipper is a diving bait that rises slowly on the pause, 16cm body plus the tail, 85g, £21 inc postage.

T-Bone Glider

The T-Bone is a medium sinking glide bait, roughly sinking at 3 seconds per foot although I can change that to suit the individual, just ask! 15cm long, 70g as always any colour you want or just look on my facebook pages for ideas, £18 inc postage.

A 20 taken on the T-Bone


The Delta is a Glider with a tail, 14cm body plus the tail, 90g. £20 including postage, below is a 21.05 taken on the Delta.

Maxi mouse

The Maxi mouse is a flat sided lure, I went for this rather than round for better hook ups
as a wide round profile lure will mask the hooks, the body is 7cm plus the tail, comes in any colour you want, £14 including postage.