Sunday, 12 August 2007

About my Lures

I started making lures because a lot were over priced, didn't do what I wanted or what they were supposed to do, all my hand built lures are made from hardwood and go through several stages during their making, I use quality stainless hook hangers and split rings with Eagle Claw hooks.
After cutting to shape they are weighted carefully to achieve the desired sink rate, hook hangers, hooks and even a trace are used in the weighting stage for accuracy, Any holes from the weighting process are filled and sanded before a waterproof primer is added.
Now the painting stage, most colours are available but any good lure angler will say that colour is far less important than action, although most colours are available I tend to stick to Gold, Silver or Black when the water is clear and brighter colours like Orange when the water is coloured but that's just a generalization.
Patterns that I use a lot are all Gold, all Silver, Gold scale (Carp), Silver scale (Roach etc), Perch, Pike and all Black.
All lures are finished with a clear tough Epoxy coating.